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Paleo Pumpkin Brownies

These brownies are delicious, and it’s not just me who thinks that. Sometimes I think that my tastebuds have evolved and I wouldn’t know what tasted conventional and what didn’t. BUT- these brownies have been taste tested by my dad who’s the biggest chocolate and dessert connoisseur and by my husband who’s a sweets fanatic. My paleo pumpkin brownies easily replace the fudgey, thick, rich boxed rivals. They’re probably better! Dietary…

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Allergies/ Our History

Food For Jett

I had done some research, as I was taught by my father who researches EVERYTHING thoroughly, and found the GAPS Diet. In my reading, I learned that many families had found that this particular healing diet was beneficial for food allergies, including FPIES! The basis of the GAPS Diet is founded on healing foods like short cooked meat broth, ferments and probiotic foods, raw (yes, raw) egg yolks, boiled veggies,…

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