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Allergies/ Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Challenges

Breastfeeding is promoted as an easy and natural experience that every woman and baby can achieve. It’s boasted as the best for both mother and baby. If you have an infant who struggles to breastfeed, you’re often instantly suggested formula. The amount of knowledge pediatricians and general practitioners have about breastfeeding is so limited that they frequently jump to removing this variable from the equation in order to “solve” problems.…

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Allergies/ Our History

Finding Answers

Jett was 8 months old. The allergist did some skin prick testing on Jett’s back to see if he tested positive for any IGE mediated food allergies, particularly to the foods we’d tried feeding him already. They all came back negative. I’d done some reading on the internet and found a type of food allergy called “FPIES” so I asked him if he thought it was possible. He said that babies…

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Our History

Welcome to Our Way of Life

Every family has a significant life change when their first (or second.. or third) baby is born. For us, things were a little less typical. Our son Jett has an eating disorder and food allergies, more specifically, FPIES (Food Protein Enterocolitis Syndrome). From a few months old, we learned he was content to starve. Since then, my life has revolved around feeding him. At seven months, we learned of his FPIES, and…

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