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Every family has a significant life change when their first (or second.. or third) baby is born. For us, things were a little less typical. Our son Jett has an eating disorder and food allergies, more specifically, FPIES (Food Protein Enterocolitis Syndrome).

From a few months old, we learned he was content to starve. Since then, my life has revolved around feeding him. At seven months, we learned of his FPIES, and immediately I had to start eliminating things from my diet. The challenges parents of kids with food allergies face are life altering. And the time and energy feeding disorders consume are exhausting.

Whether you or someone you love suffers from a food allergy, your kiddo is a picky eater or has an eating disorder, you just want helpful baby food recipes, or you’re looking for clean or paleo recipes; check back for information I’ve gleaned along the way, helpful tools and tricks, breastfeeding/supply struggles and tips, yummy allergy friendly recipes for you and your family, TED (total elimination diet) help, healthy products to keep your loved ones safe, and encouragement for those trying days.

I hope I’m able to share love and hope with you through this blog.

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