Food and Health Safety

This is a note to all of you parents.. I’m not a doctor. I can’t diagnose or treat you or your kid. I can’t promise a product will be safe for your family. I’m here to share our experiences, our diagnoses, food reactions and successes, and favorite products.

I do promise to share all of the information I’ve spent collecting over the last two and a half years, hopefully, to reduce the amount of leg work you need to do. I’ll include ingredients for all of the products I use and any cross contamination warnings from labels (and sometimes the companies) to try and help you know if they’re safe for your family. Finding safe brands of prepackaged foods is so hard, and some products are regional. I’ll always include where you can purchase the things we use a lot.

Feel free to ask me questions! Sometimes the amount of information I’m trying to share is too much and I’ll skinny it down a little bit so it’s easier to wade through. If there are certain things you would like me to write about or particular posts you enjoy reading, please speak up! This blog is for your benefit!

This post may include affiliate links. It costs you nothing extra, but does send me a small portion of your sale, and it contributes to funding this blog and buying more products to test!


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