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Moon Valley Organics Herbal Foaming Hand Soap Review

Hand Soap

The single most used product in our house is foaming hand soap. It’s 9:00 AM here and I’ve washed my hands 5 times already. My husband and son hate gel hand soaps and for years we used a product full of toxic chemicals. One of the first things we changed was our hand soap. So, what’s in your hand soap? Read my list of things to avoid in personal care products HERE.

About Moon Valley Organics

Moon Valley Organics is a company located out of Bellingham, Washington and founded by a husband and wife team. They live on their 100% USDA certified organic farm and utilize their herbs in the production of their personal care products. Whatever they’re unable to grow, they “source from local organic farms and suppliers who support fair trade and (RAN) Rainforest Action Network.” Moon Valley believes in sustainable business practices and even hosts people interested in learning about organic farming practices as part of the WWOOF program.

Their products range from bar soaps and liquid foaming hand soaps, to lotion bars, lip balms, and medicinal salves and balms (recently created with the help of their on staff herbalist). I purchased all four of their scents in both foaming pumps and refill pouches, and a set of their lip balms (which I also enjoy).

Foaming Hand Soap

Moon Valley Organics products are all packaged in BPA free, 100% recyclable bottles, bags, and boxes. The labels are bright and professional. Their foaming hand soap comes in a pump that’s easy to use and foams well. It also rotates to lock if you need to travel with them, like we did when our power was out for awhile last week.


It’s cold and flu season here, and on top of that, cooking everything from scratch means washing our hands all day long. Before switching, my hands became very red and raw. After using Moon Valley Organics, our hands feel smooth, clean, and nourished- not stripped. My hands aren’t chapped and they don’t sting. The foam is thick but rinses off easily. It’s a fantastic blend to be able to clean without drying. The liquid soaps are gluten free, non-gmo, soy free, corn free, and vegan.


Each foaming soap is made of a combination of organic coconut, sunflower, and castor oils that they infuse with organic calendula and comfrey. This is what makes it so smooth and nourishing. Moon Valley uses organic essential oils to scent their soaps. The website lists citric acid (they use cane sugar derived citric acid) as an ingredient, but they have stopped using citric acid in their hand soaps. I have a few refill bags with citric acid on the label, soon everything will be without. Even fewer ingredients!


The herbal foaming hand soaps come in four scents; mint lavender, orange spice, lemon rosemary, and grapefruit thyme. They also sell an unscented version but I haven’t purchase it. We LOVE all of the scents, although the lemon rosemary may be my favorite. They’re wonderfully composed, smell fragrant but not overpowering, and wash away even garlic and onion hands after preparing dinner.


Each 8.8 oz foaming pump costs $5.99. The refill pouches cost $11.99 and refill the pumps 3 times. We’ve used our current bottle at the kitchen for just over two weeks and its 2/3 full. Our kitchen sink is the most used sink in the house and this is the season that we wash our hands the most. I would estimate we use 1 bottle a month between our four sinks.


Moon Valley Organics has a rewards system called “Honeybees” that gives you 10 points for every dollar you spend. Once you reach 1000 honeybees, you get $10 off your next purchase. They also have a referral program. If you refer a friend (with the link they provide- here’s mine!!), they get 20% off their first purchase, and you get a 20% code. Win-win!! They also offer free shipping on orders over $75.

Customer Service

I’ve been so happy communicating with this family run business. They’re very quick to answer questions, kind with their words, and super helpful. My box arrived very quickly and it was wrapped well. The refill bags were all in a ziplock bag to keep any accidental spills from happening. Unfortunately, one of my refill bags burst during transit. I sent an email and they offered to send me a replacement but I chose a refund as I know shipping was expensive and we had plenty of soap to last us awhile. It took less than a day for my refund email to show up. The Otto’s are the best.

I hope this review helps you decide if this hand soap is right for your family. We, obviously, love it and I hope you do too. Please use this link for 20% off your first order. If you give them a try, please comment and let me know what you think!!


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